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Galata No5 Beauty

About Us

We, Over The Years…

Galata No5 opened its doors on March 2012. Since the establishment of our brand, we have always prioritized values not making a profit. We have always walked with the best and most professional business partners in the sector which is full of beauty. We’ve been with the pioneers. We have carefully selected the brands we worked with and the experts we added to our team. We went to various directions after education, development and innovations! We argued that progress is endless. We’ve never had enough of learning. We chose to be a true expert in our work.Our expectations have always been very high. And we found it right to use the products that met these expectations before we recommended them to you.

We have welcomed guests from all over the world in the past few years. Some of them stayed in our city for a day, and some of them were our visitors for months or even years. While some of them worked in the beauty sector just like us; We had the opportunity to know beautiful people from all professions, some lawyers, some actors, some digital content producers, some farmers, and some captains. People have constantly changed, but we haven’t. We have tried hard to treat our every guest with the same care. We showed them our vision and education. Our prices did not change according to persons. Our care and transparency as well… Then we saw that as our mutual trust became stronger over the years, much stronger bonds formed between us and them.

Stay healthy, see you at our salon…

Galata No5 Beauty

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Galata No5 Beauty

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