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Galata No5 Beauty


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Discover the true potential of your hair! Up to 25% discount on all Kerastase products purchased from our salon.

Davines 1

Davines brings the perfect combination of nature and science to your hair. An opportunity not to be missed on Davines products: Up to 30% Discount in the salon!

Nashi 1

Nashi is a unique brand that combines the miracle of nature with modern formulas. Up to 30% discount on Nashi products is waiting for you in the salon.

fibre clinix discount

Fiber Clinix is a series that combines scientific approach and innovation in hair care. Fiber Clinix products are available in our salon with up to 30% discounts!

Moroccan Oil 1

Moroccanoil is known for the unique shine that argan oil adds to your hair. Bring this experience to your home with up to 30% discount in our salons!

Alterna 1

Up to 25% Discount when purchasing Alterna products from our salon is waiting for you! Don’t miss this limited time opportunity.

Sono 1

Sono Argan adds natural shine and nourishment to your hair. Now all products are at discounts up to 30% in the salon! This special offer is not to be missed!

Aveda 1

Up to 25% Discount on Aveda’s natural and sustainable hair and skin care products in our salon! Don’t miss this special discount opportunity.

Insight 1

Up to 30% Discount on Insight’s hair care products in our salon! Bring the touch of nature to your hair at a more affordable price. Don’t miss this opportunity!

System Professional 1

System Professional’s customized hair care products are now at the salon with up to 25% discounts! Offer a touch of luxury to your hair at an affordable price.

Galata No5 Beauty

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